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With T. Tara Turk-Haynes

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In this insightful discussion, Visage’s Keirsten Greggs and T. Tara Turk-Haynes, Leaf Group's VP of DE&I and Talent Management, explore the latest industry insights and DE&I trends while sipping a glass of wine. Take advantage of this valuable opportunity to elevate your business strategies and prepare for the future of Talent Acquisition. Sign up now!

Key topics include:

  • The Talent Acquisition career journey and choosing the right path.
  • Why TA experts should create a community and support one another.
  • How TA leaders can create bigger impacts through DE&I initiatives.
  • Best practices for a mutually beneficial journey for the candidate and the company.

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About the Episode

“It is so important for TA to create a community and talk to one another.”
– T. Tara Turk-Haynes, Leaf Group's VP of DE&I and Talent Management 

As TA leaders, we champion both candidates and the company, forging a path that benefits both parties. Our success depends on our ability to provide expert guidance and empathetic support that propels candidates toward achieving their goals.

In this episode, we'll reflect on the top trends that are shaping the future of Talent Acquisition, empowering leaders to become subject matter experts and win together with the entire team. Join us as we explore the best practices for creating a mutually beneficial journey for all involved.