Prepare Yourself for AI Bias Laws Impacting Recruiting

How will the AI bias laws affect recruiters, and how do recruiters best prepare?

AI technology is becoming mainstream in the modern workforce, especially in recruiting. Because of the recent laws introduced regarding AI bias, recruiters need to know the ins and outs of the current landscape of AI and its relationship to sourcing and hiring.

In an attempt to reduce artificial intelligence bias infiltrating recruitment efforts, these laws, both already passed and under review, allow recruiters an opportunity to ensure compliance across the board and refine your organization’s tools. Our informative one-pager is your guide to developing an actionable strategy for these upcoming changes.

Understand Impactful AI Bias Laws in Recruitment





In This One-Pager, You’ll Get:

  • Insights on the current & proposed legislations regarding AI bias
  • Effective strategies recruiters can use to prepare for these laws
  • A view into the future of AI bias laws and their further impact on hiring practices
  • A comprehensive list of steps so your organization can secure an action plan